Weave vs Natural Hair: The Great Debate

There’s this debate and almost brawl between naturals and weave lovers. Both argue many points that I can agree with. But, it comes down to this. Black women’s ancestors wore their natural hair as well as wigs.  Ancient black Queens were versatile, check the facts. Mondern day Queens can be the same.  Here’s where the problem arises.

Weave lovers! Don’t love your weave more than you love yourself. Some of y’all refuse to wear your natural because, let’s face it, you don’t think you look good without it. You feel plain and basic when that foreign hair comes out. That’s an issue: it’s called low self esteem and self hate. How can you feel more beautiful in another woman’s hair than your own?

Naturals! Just stop it. You can’t free yourself of self hate, claim to be liberated, but turn and put another woman down. Let’s face the truth. You’re worst than the oppressor.

Women are beautiful in whatever way works best for her. Many women are versatile: twist out in the fall and brazilian Remy in the winter. Do what works best for you. But, in order to know what’s best for you, you mist first know you.


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