How To Attract Mr. Right

Let’s get right into it.

First, the only Mr. Right is Mr. Right For You. Not a guy like your bestie’s new perfect boyfriend. Not a guy that’s exactly like your father. Not Steph Curry. Not a fictional character you made up in your head. Now don’t get it twisted, always have standards and always have deal breakers. But do away with the ones that are far fetched and impossible to reach. No man is perfect, only perfect for you. Which means he will have flaws, but that’s okay because you do too.

Now, stop reading those blogs that tell you to crack a joke, twirl around three times and defeat his favorite childhood superhero to get his attention. Because let’s face it, maybe you’re not funny and just maybe you don’t know mixed martial arts. You do all these things to impress a man, then you get him and can’t keep him. You can’t keep him because you started something you couldn’t finish.

The key to attracting your perfect guy is to be the best version of you. Allow a man to be captivated by your essence. Of course, let him know you’re interested, make eye contact. Say hi to the man for God sake. If you have it in you, ask him out for coffee. It’s possible he could be just as shy as you. No harm in going after what you want as long as you’re true to yourself. Don’t go overboard and stalk the poor guy. Just be yourself!


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